Combining high-level biological degradation with custom, industrial membrane filtration allows for complete cleaning of brewery wastewater in a compact footprint.

Rich in organic content, brewery wastewater can pose a unique problem for beer makers. BOD5 levels range up to 12,000+ mg/L; these and TSS levels can result in expensive surcharges from the local municipal treatment facility, if they will take it at all.

Because ReUse’s MBR combines high-level biological degradation with a membrane designed specifically for industrial waste, it allows for complete cleaning of the waste stream, and a return to the brewery of clean (BOD/TSS <3) water that may be reused in a variety of process applications, such as tank washdowns, chillers, boilers, CIP systems, etc.

Perhaps most importantly, ReUse delivers an MBR solution that’s easy to manage, reliable, and returns a reasonable ROI. We know you want to brew beer, not micromanage your wastewater.

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