Food & Beverage

Food and beverage is a broad category of manufacturing that produces a wide variety of wastewater streams. From high sugars (soft drinks, juice) to high fats (oil/meat production) to high proteins (soy, dairy), each case provides a unique case.

What all food production has in common, however, is a high level of organic content. These BOD5 levels wreak havoc on a traditional wastewater treatment plant (and often result in high surcharges and fees), but they’re perfect for treatment with a correctly designed MBR.

A ReUse MBR is designed to allow for high-level biological degradation, meaning that the stronger the stuff coming in, the better; for example, typical soda waste often comes in around 20,000 BOD5. This allows for a very rich biological reaction, speeding the cleaning process and lowering the resultant sludge output from a typical system.

This is possible because of the unique design of the ReUse membrane, which is custom-built for industrial waste. This blocks solids from leaving the reactor while allowing clean water to pass, meaning that the resulting effluent is consistently clean, without the operator having to worry about spikes.

This allows a return to the facility of clean (BOD5/TSS <3) water that may be reused in a variety of process applications, such as tank washdowns, chillers, boilers, CIP systems, etc.

Perhaps most importantly, ReUse delivers an MBR solution that’s easy to manage, reliable, and returns a reasonable ROI. We know you want to make food, not micromanage your wastewater.

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