Reusing wastewater is a growing opportunity for resorts and casinos interested in lowering their water and wastewater costs, and reducing or eliminating their dependence on outside treatment facilities.

Resort casinos are a small ecosystem unto themselves. In addition to the hotel waste produced by guests, resorts often feature a mix of industrial level waste from restaurants, bars and other accompanying facilities.

While care must be taken in system design, in general, the breakdown of waste from a resort casino isn’t difficult; it’s typically similar to the type of waste that a municipal-style system is used to handling.

Opportunity exists in the utilization of a ReUse MBR for wastewater treatment. In essence, a system is designed to capture all of the waste currently exiting the facility. This is treated on site, and then discharged cleanly or reused for any number of applications, such as irrigation, water displays, cleaning, etc. It may also be piped to neighboring areas for reuse in another municipal or industrial purpose, lowering strain on wells and groundwater sources.

Because ReUse’s systems are designed around a unique, industrial-strength MBR, treatment can be achieved quickly, affordably, and in a compact footprint.

Perhaps most importantly, ReUse delivers an MBR solution that’s easy to manage, reliable, and returns a reasonable ROI. We know you want to work on maximizing your guest experience, not worry about micromanaging your wastewater.

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