Tribal Reservations


Recycled water offers independent tribal reservations the ability to cut ties with external treatment facilities

Tribal reservations deal with a number of wastewater challenges. A high load of black water (human waste) mixed with a slurry of industrial waste (often including a high-volume discharge from a resort or casino) results in a waste stream replete with solids, organics and other elements that must be degraded or removed (nitrogen, phosphorus, etc). If not dealt with on-site, this is often piped to a local, external treatment facility.

Water is a resource, however, and in today’s environment more and more water users are reluctant to flush that resource down the drain.

A ReUse MBR provides a solution for wastewater reuse that’s practical, efficient, and provides long-term security against a changing water environment. Biological treatment breaks down organics and removes undesirable elements, and the unique industrial membrane provides high-level filtration, for reusable water that can be cleaner that what comes from a typical water treatment plant.

With a level of disinfection, this water can be reused for any purpose on tribal land.

ReUse MBRs are easy to operate, occupy a small footprint, and offer low capital and operational costs versus large traditional systems.

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