Increasing numbers of wineries are making a move toward environmentally-friendly water reuse.

Wineries have traditionally relied on large ponds to deal with their seasonal, high-strength waste. While these result in some level of biological treatment, they fall short of full recycled quality water.

Wineries deal with two unique challenges. First, they produce a waste that’s heavy in organic content, and often thick with solids. Second, they typically have a peak season of heavy flows and hydraulic loads, followed by periods of relative inactivity. Designing for both of these challenges is a critical aspect of ensuring a well-functioning wastewater system.

A ReUse MBR provides both of the components that are critical for getting reusable water from winery waste. First, it allows for an extremely efficient biological degradation process. Second, the membrane allows for the compressed footprint and filtration required for producing reuse water.

This biological process is possible because of ReUse’s unique, industrial-strength membrane, which provides an effective barrier against solids while allowing clean water to pass through.

The resulting effluent is cleaner than what arrives from a standard water treatment plant, and ready to be reused in a variety of manners on site.

Perhaps most importantly, ReUse delivers an MBR solution that’s easy to manage, reliable, and returns a reasonable ROI. We know you want to work on making wine, not worry about micromanaging your wastewater.

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